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Who is CTRA?

Bales and BluebonnetsMembers

Currently, CTRA consist of 60 members who serve move than 120 public and 500 private entities. The CTRA Board of Directors, elected by the membership, includes elected and appointed governmental officials, community leaders, and representatives from regional organizations, who represent a wide and diverse geographical area and serve without compensation.

What Does CTRA Do?

Community Assistance

CTRA provides technical assistance to communities or groups interested in recycling. It serves as a their liaison between the public and private sector by negotiating contracts with haulers and end-market at competitive prices. The collection, transport and sale of recyclables, especially for smaller communities and remote areas, was coordinated by CTRA through their contractors. The CTRA also helps community recycling programs to effectively increase the amount and quality of collected recycled materials as well as maximize the efforts of those already recycling. Quality control at the cooperative level can impact the processor or the mill's willingness to negotiate contracts. CTRA charges no membership dues or fees; the only charge is a 10% administrative fee on all recyclable sales.


Board of Directors

John Kiehl, Chairman
Panhandle Regional Planning Commission

Dave Keeling, Vice Chairman
Steel Recycling Institute

Wendy Allen
West Central Texas Council of Governments

Mick Barry

Alvin Brown
Joint Base San Antonio
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Cis Myers
Hey Cister! Consulting

Erik Rejino
City of Levelland
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Claudia Rogers
Keep Utopia Beautiful/Utopia Recycles

Charles Shofner
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Tim Warren

CTRA - Cooperative Teamwork & Recycling Assistance | Austin, TX 78746