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Accomplishments & Goals

In 2018 CTRA members accomplished amazing recycling statistics. Just over 5,250 tons of materials were recycled through CTRA. This had the following effects on the environment:

Total Saving in Landfill Fees: $158,846
Total Saving in Cubic Yards of Landfill Space: 17,473
Total Savings in Trees: 90,007
Total Savings in KWHrs: 21,708,914
Total Savings in Gallons of Water: 37,064,000
Total Savings in Lbs of Air Pollution:

CTRA's primary goal remains unchanged. By providing cooperative marketing, technical assistance and recycling education, CTRA will strive to establish and protect the viability of recycling as a solid waste management option for its members. In addition, the Board of Directors has also established the following goals:

  • Continue to increase CTRA membership and member recycling volumes;
  • Increase awareness of CTRA throughout Texas and its bordering states;
  • Identify and secure new sponsors for the organization; and
  • Seek out new partnerships that will expand recycling opportunities for CTRA members and the citizens of Texas and beyond.
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